We offer a wide range of services from live streaming,
from single to multi-camera recording and editing.
All of our services can be tailored to suit 
event at hand and also to suit your needs.

The Kairos high definition outside broadcast unit
delivers uncompromising quality and flexibility.
With a capacity of up to eight HD cameras, it has 
the capability for live broadcast with EVS for any event.

As a company, Kairos has been working in the field of
Radio, TV and Live Streaming Production for decades.
During this time we have produced a vast number of
high quality documentary and feature programmes for broadcast.

Kairos TV Studio is a sound proofed 128 sq. meters studio
and is suitable for almost every studio job imaginable.
The Radio studio has two separate studios for live panel
discussions as well as voiceover work. Our studios have
been used by
RTÉ, Sky , Virgin Media & TG4 amongst others.


Corporate video is a term that can cover many styles of video,
from promotional to educational to entertainment. We take
our years of TV broadcast and online video experience and
combine it with your ideas to ensure that you get the video you want.