The Kairos high definition outside broadcast unit delivers uncompromising quality and flexibility. With a capacity of up to eight cameras, it has the capability for the recording and live broadcast of any event.

The Kairos HD outside broadcast unit's features include:

Sony HDC 1500

Sony MVS 3000 with 2 M/E
2 resizers per M/E bank &
2.5 D DME

6 Channel EVS XT2
HD Record & Playback
64x64 HD Router
4A HD Character Generator
Aston Ethos Dual Channel Character Generator

36ch Calrec S2 Series Sound Desk
Sony, Lexicon, Glensound, Klark Tecknic FX effects
Clearcom Matrix,
Tait / Telex Radio talkback systems

Vinten Osprey Elite,
Midi Ped,
Staunton and Jimmy Jib mountings with standard tripods