Media 5 has been many things to
many people over the years...lecture room, rehearsal space, shoot space and premiere venue....but mostly,  the place where your media career/interest in a career in media began.
The place where you squinted at your lecturer's scrawled writing on a whiteboard the first morning-after-the-night-before when you discovered The Roost...where you watched your classmate's reactions to your first audio soundscape, or your first radio documentary. The sound of your own voice, echoing across the walls, and the relief when you saw smiles break across faces or tears roll silently down a classmates face (especially if it was at the appropriate times!)

That first round of applause after the credits rolled, the knowledge that something you envisioned, shot, directed, edited, has made an impact on someone. The lecturer's approval, the occasional comment of "I'd nearly bring that to RTÉ straight away." The guest speakers, the stories, the documentaries, the dramas (onscreen and off!) it was the place where it all began.

So we'd like to bring it back into your life...every few months, we're going to have a small gathering, of current and former students, a night for "networking" but also a night to catch up, to talk through new ideas and old memories.